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For Sale Motorbikes - New vs second hand scooters

Are you considering buying a second hand moped or scooter? Well, don't! There are so many unknowns with buying a second hand bike, why take the risk of buying an unreliable dud? With Direct Bikes' brand new scooters, you get a spanking, shiny new unused scooter for less than the price of many second hand scooters!

Visit the website: DIRECT BIKES SCOOTERS - ONLY £549

With second hand scooters, there are so many mechanical problems that you might have. And with a brand new scooter from Direct Bikes, you get a free 12 months parts warranty - no contest!

Plus, older engines aren't as efficient as new engines. Do you want cheaper running costs? Do you want less pollution? Then a brand new Direct Bikes scooter is what you need - right now!

And do you really know where a second hand scooter has come from? It'll have a hidden history that you know nothing about - do you want to take the risk of buying a stolen scooter, which the police could take away from you with no compensation? Or do you want the reassurance of a brand new scooter that you've bought new, delivered straight to you, with no shady unknown background? It seems an obvious choice, really!

A new scooter is something you can make your own - it has no history, and you give it your own history as you ride it. Its personality grows as you ride it, and if you're the only one who's been on it, it really is your scooter!

And if you need more convincing, just think of the money you'll save on the purchase price, just by buying a brand new Direct Bikes scooter - direct from the factory!

Go to the website: DIRECT BIKES SCOOTERS - ONLY £549

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Scooters from only £499
Scooters from only £499