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For Sale Motorbikes - Mopeds and Scooters from only £499 NEW

Are you looking for sale motorbikes or cheap 50cc and 125cc bikes, mopeds or scooters? Do you want to save money on petrol? Or do you just fancy a bit of fun?

Cheap motorbikes, mopeds and scooters for sale

Direct Bikes have a range of cheap 50cc and 125cc motorbikes, mopeds and scooters that'll help you save money, say goodbye to waiting in the rush hour, and have a great time while you do it!

Visit their website: DIRECT BIKES SCOOTERS - ONLY £549

These scooters and mopeds are cheaper than used or second hand motorbikes!

And from prices starting at only £499 they are a real bargain. In fact at these prices, there's no point in buying a used or second hand moped or scooter - it makes much more sense to buy one of their 50cc or 125cc motorbikes brand new!

Cheap for sale mopeds and scooters - new, not used or second hand bikes!

Mopeds or scooters are a great way to bypass traffic jams, and are extremely economical to run. And now they're so cheap to buy too, thanks to Direct Bikes - they offer brand-new motorbikes for sale at ridiculously cheap prices. You can get a shiny new traffic-busting moped or scooter for under £500! Yes, new - for under £500! There's no point in paying more for a used or second hand moped!

New mopeds and scooters for sale at used/second hand motorbike prices

Direct Bikes offer a range of fantastic mopeds and scooters for sale, available in a range of colours and in 50cc and 125cc engine sizes. The Direct Bikes website makes it easy to order your motorbike - just select a model, choose a colour, and pay! You do pay a delivery charge, which is about £85 for most UK deliveries, but even including the delivery charge these motorbikes for sale are still incredibly cheap. Why get a used or second hand scooter or moped when you can get a new bike for these prices?

If you're looking for sale scooters and mopeds, you won't find motorbikes cheaper

The reason Direct Bikes are so much cheaper to buy than other motorbikes for sale is that they cut out the middle man - they make 50cc and 125cc scooters and mopeds and sell them cheap, directly to you on their website, thus cutting their costs and ensuring that you don't have to pay extra to a motorbike showroom salesman!

Retro scooters, motorbikes and modern mopeds for sale

My favourites Direct Bikes models are the retro scooters (for that classic 'mod' look) and they have some sharp-looking modern mopeds for sale, too - and they're all really cheap, but they're quality bikes, too. The most popular models and colours sell out quite quickly, so if they have what you want in stock, it's a good idea to snap it up. Also prices vary according to demand, so if their cheapest scooter's under £550, you know it's a good time to buy!

For sale - mopeds, scooters and motorbikes - from only £499

If you're bored of sitting in traffic jams, want to have fun and save money (not to mention the environment), visit the Direct Bikes website where you'll find a variety of cheap mopeds, scooters and motorbikes for sale today - and put some freedom into your life! But hurry - these bargain prices won't last for long!

Go to the website: DIRECT BIKES SCOOTERS - ONLY £549

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